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Business Terms and Conditions of Sale

I take a holistic approach and will work closely with your Vet, Physio, Farrier or trainer/coach to give your horse or pony the best chance to carry a saddle and rider in a balanced manner.

I have access to a wide range of saddles, bridles and accessories, I am not a brand ambassador or agent to any individual brand.

I offer appointments on a Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday, Saturday or Sunday, including after school times (weather and light permitting)

Workshop days are Monday and Thursday. Items can be dropped off and collected on these days by prior arrangement.


Making an Appointment:

Please message/text/WhatsApp or email the following details:

Your location - yard address and postcode.  Any preferred days of the week and times of day that work better for you.

Horse age, height, breed or type, gender, experience, level of fitness and current discipline.

Rider height, build, experience, and current discipline.

Current saddle/s details; style, make, model and seat size.

Photos: Sending photos well before the appointment means I can be sure I can have the right stock in time.

Please stand your horse or pony up as square as possible, on level ground, and with the head and neck in “neutral”, neither up or down or to one side. Then stand level with the horse’s girth line and take a photo directly from side on including the whole horse from nose to tail and all four feet!


A photo taken with the saddle please girth the saddle up firmly with no pad and repeat the same photo. The rear photo should also have the horse standing as square as possible, head in neutral, and please get up high enough to clear the hind quarters so the whole of the area where the saddle fits is visible, and the back of the withers shown clearly.


Postpone/Cancellation of an Appointment:

If you need to cancel or postpone your appointment, please do let me know in plenty of time, we are dealing with horses after all and all sorts can happen, I am more than ok with a postponement or cancellation right up until the night before. 

Likewise if another saddle fitter turns up on the yard offering unicorn glitter and can see you before our appointment, please don’t hesitate to let me know you no longer require my services, I will not be offended!!

However, a ‘No Show’ (failure to turn up at the agreed time and day) will be charged for in full and will require payment in full!

The Appointment:

Appointment lead times are approximately 3 weeks so please do plan ahead if there is a special requirement or show.

On the day, please have your horse ready for its saddle fitting at the time we agreed – I will text if I will be more than 10 minutes late, sometimes I’m even early!

An area under cover is needed for the initial fitting, and then a level rideable area – an arena or dry field – will be needed to fully test the saddle. The rider on the day should be the main rider and ideally anyone else that will be riding the horse should also be present.

If the fitting is going to be in the dark good lighting will be needed both under cover and for riding unless otherwise agreed. Ideally I would like to see the saddle in all paces, on turns and circles and, if relevant, over jumps but understand this is not always possible for whatever reason.

If you are not able to show all paces for any reason I reserve the right to charge for a second visit in these circumstances.

Please have your own stirrup irons to hand, stirrup leathers and girth unless you need to purchase from me.

Please bring an example of the pad you would like to use with the saddle, and any corrective pads you may own. Choice of pad can affect the fit.

Please allow 2-2.5 hours for a new saddle fitting and up to 90 minutes for a saddle check.




Cash, card (with a 1.7% fee added) or BACS payments are accepted and must be made by the end of the visit day.

Sometimes I will not have the right stock in which case the second visit is free.

Some fittings will need a slight change/customisation to a standard model so that it is right for you or your horse, and a deposit will usually be taken and a second call out charged for a custom saddle delivery.

Saddle purchases are paid in full on the day.

You will be required to sign a document which is allowed under law to enable you to cancel the agreement without incurring any penalty and is permitted by the Consumer Credit Act 1974 as part of your Right to Withdraw of 14 days.  The cancellation period will expire 14 days after the date of delivery of the product after which time refunds will not be offered. 

Your Statutory rights are not affected and excludes manufacturing warranty claims. (Within the manufacturer’s own warranty period) 


Other Products:

I carry a selection of long and short girths (usually 44” - 50”) as demos, let me know well in advance if you do not have a girth and have a very large horse or very small pony.

I carry a range of stirrup leathers in black and brown.

I carry a small range of the Nuumed four pocket correction pads for dressage or GP/jump saddles in white, brown and black.

Special orders for Nuumed with sheepskin can be taken.

I also usually carry a range of Premier Equine plain cotton numnahs in black, navy and white.

I carry some bridle examples and Sprenger bits.

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